Mastering Minimalism with Capital: Feminal Case Study

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Mastering Minimalism with Capital: Feminal Case Study

When building a digital storefront centered around a brand's core values, does theme make a difference? Feminal proves that it truly does.

Founder and CEO Amia Noëlle explains that this unique athleisure brand “was created out of the desire to find high-quality athletic clothing that made women feel comfortable and as if they could take whatever the day threw their way.” Having developed from a brand into a powerful, trusted community for women worldwide, we hear how Capital has played a crucial role in Amia's vision by creating a safe haven of simplicity - and even surpassing her expectations entirely.

“The simplicity and flow of the Capital theme was the most attractive thing for us.”

“Capital has allowed us to create an online presence that aligns with our brand and aesthetic in a very simple way”, Amia says. For Feminal, the aim is to establish a store that is “as accessible to as many people as possible”. Amia explains how “the ladies we used to represent our clothing... are just your everyday women - some are into fitness and others aren’t. We tried to really include different backgrounds, skin colors, shapes, and sizes”, she explains.

“Capital had an ease to it, but still felt more than basic.”

Appealing to such a wide range of customers is no easy task, but Feminal's road to success was paved by establishing a canvas onto which diverse bodies can be highlighted and celebrated - and their theme was the foundation of this vision. However, Amia found there to be a fine line between a minimalist canvas and an absence of character when browsing for a theme - until she landed on the theme she loved. “Capital just seemed to have more flow and character versus other themes”, she recalls, “it had an ease to it, but still felt more than basic”.

With its stunning flow, Capital's ability to showcase a large inventory through minimalist means was exactly what Amia was looking for. Alongside its simplicity, “the most attractive thing for us [was] the ease of us and step-by-step guide”, Amia says - “the whole setup was super easy”. Upon running into a patch of confusion, the Feminal team reached out to WeTheme Support. “We received a reply the next day with clear steps, and they even sent us a video going through the steps. It was super helpful!”, Amia says.

“We emailed the theme developer and received a reply the next day... it was super helpful!”

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