Finding Victory with Flow: Zaya Jewellery Case Study

Merchant success with Flow
Finding Victory with Flow: Zaya Jewellery Case Study



A woman who wins

How does a female business owner set themselves up for success? According to Loïs van Werkum, “I'm always trying to create the best customer experience by developing my website to the nicest-looking storefront there is”. As the founder of Zaya - meaning 'victorious woman' - Loïs has marked many victories since she started her jewellery business back in December 2018: curating luxurious-looking jewellery for inexpensive prices, reaching customers all over the world, and continuing to grow during the pandemic. In her quest to “create the nicest-looking storefront there is”, Loïs discovered Flow. The verdict? “My store wouldn't be what it is today without [it]”, she says.

“My store wouldn't be what it is today without Flow.”

“The Flow theme really fits my wishes for creating a beautiful website”, Loïs shares. In a climate of saturated markets and click-bait, the key to standing out from the crowd ironically appears to be selling with simplicity. Loïs agrees: “my store only shows what's needed, it's simple for customers to find what they need” she says, adding that for that reason, “Flow is the perfect beautiful basic theme - it's not too much”.

When less is more, how does Loïs use Flow to instil that “victorious woman” feeling in the customers that wear her jewellery? “I think that my store really highlights my products and the feeling of Zaya by the use of a large banner... mega menu, and see-through header, which I think really helps highlight the logo”, she says. Flow is expertly engineered in this way; to effortlessly highlight the main features of your storefront without gimmicks, but instead with crisply-designed, powerful sections. When searching for a new theme, Loïs was hoping to add a homepage video, newsletter pop up, and promotional banner, and what she found was that and much more: “I actually fell in love looking at all other stores who are using the Flow theme - the possibilities are endless”.

“The possibilities are endless.”

“I'm not the best at coding”, Loïs admits, “but besides the stunning features of the Flow theme, I think the customer service is great!”. When merchants like Loïs gets in touch with WeTheme's friendly support team, they can expect a crystal-clear, personalized response within just hours. Every query is carefully and thoroughly looked into, as the team does everything in their power to make the merchant's storefront as pristine as possible. “The customer service is really valuable”, Loïs says, “my store wouldn't be what it is today without the tweaks of the developers”.

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With rave reviews and a 92% positive response rate, Flow’s grace and power is enough to make any businesswoman feel victorious. Want to feel like a winner like Loïs? Try the theme today.