Doubling Your Monthly Turnover with Flow: Mister 33 Case Study

Merchant success with Flow
Doubling Your Monthly Turnover with Flow: Mister 33 Case Study

The Challenge

When Covid-19 shuttered up the high street, Shopify threw open its doors to the golden age of eCommerce. While revenue boomed, so did the competition - and the question on every merchant's mind was the same: 'how can I make my online store stand out from the crowd?' Taking on this challenge is Anton Van Daalwijk - founder of Mister 33 - who continues to double his store's turnover every month with the help of his secret weapon: Flow.

The Plan

“When it comes to men's grooming” explains Anton, “it's still a niche in the world of cosmetics - for women, there are thousands of brands”. This led him to found Mister 33: a digital platform that retails men’s grooming products with a carefully selected range of items; from beard shampoo to moisturisers, only the top brands can claim their exclusive place in the store. Having cemented his angle on the market, Anton set out to search for his store's look: “there was another theme that I liked, but there were complaints about the speed”, he explained.

However, not only did Anton need a powerful and fully-functioning base for his storefront, but he wanted to visually appeal to men in a market saturated by women. While most stereotypically masculine branding is recognisable by its more clinical and virile features, Anton wanted something different for his grooming brand: “I thought, let's just find another approach - and that's where the theme Flow came in.”

“I chose Flow because I wanted to have an emotional appeal to the product.”

Envisaging an appeal to the intimate nature of grooming routines, Anton was drawn to Flow's beautiful slideshows, vast image sections, and moving parallax effects: “I chose Flow because I wanted to have an emotional appeal to the product”, he explained. With its long-form home page, Flow helped this store become more than just a perfectly curated collection of trusted products: Mister 33 is a comprehensive hub of knowledge aimed at those eager to learn more about their hair and skin.

The Results

Making the most of Flow's emotional appeal proved to be a huge success for Anton: “the average time spent on the website by customers is really quite long, like five or six minutes”, Anton says, meaning that this Flow store keeps customers browsing for up to 60% longer than the average session duration (Wolfgang KPI report, 2018).

“Every month the turnover is doubling”

The end results? Rocketing revenue in just over half a year: “We are only seven months in, and every month the turnover is doubling more or less”, Anton says, adding that these results have left him “really happy” with his decision to pick Flow.

Try Flow Today

When making his decision, Anton said “reading the opinions of real people, real shop owners” informed his choice. With a 92% positive response rate and a sea of positive reviews, Flow’s minimalist design is versatile and easily adaptable to any brand - soar to success like Mister 33 and try the theme today.