Bud of Love Gets a 30% Conversion Boost with Fresh

Merchant success with Fresh
Bud of Love Gets a 30% Conversion Boost with Fresh
“People like beautiful things and if a site is beautiful and well-built, people will buy - which is exactly what happened once I moved to Fresh.”

Farah Sabet is a self-confessed lover of wine who started a side hustle ‘Bud of Love’ mid-lockdown in Melbourne, Australia to share her favourite wines with the people around her. And to make lockdown-life a bit more jolly.

Farah’s wines are natural and organic and her reviews state: “amazing quality and no hangover the next day” - geez, that’s something I’m happy to get ‘wine eyes’ for!

Bud of Love has gone from an online hustle to the need for a retail space real quick. And Farah’s success story is one that should be shouted from the rooftops to encourage other Shopify entrepreneurs that hard work (and a great theme!) does pay off.

Now, Shakespeare famously used the term ‘bud of love’ for Juliet to describe her love for Romeo and it’s the same fiery passion for bouquets of a different nature that motivated Farah to start her own business.

Farah knew she was entering into a very competitive market and placed great importance on the branding and online presence for Bud of Love. She had to get it right if she was going to succeed online.

Searching the Shopify Theme Store, she came across Fresh - and the attention-grabbing design caught her eye.

“We saw about a 30% increase in conversion rates which is amazing!”

When we asked Farah about why she chose Fresh she said it was “It’s simplicity and easy customer experience. I think what the others lacked was great UX.”

As Bud of Love is an alcohol beverage business, two features that Fresh offers out of the box; the age verification pop-up and the collection section by images were really important. Fresh “had everything I needed for my specific business”.

Bud of Love’s website imagery is retro-cool: think Marylin Monroe, sipping vino in her boudoir. And the Thirsty Thursdays packs and references to “wine eyes” make this an enticing, fun, and flirty place to shop for wine.

Since switching the website to Fresh, Farah has seen a 30% increase in conversions. Plus a 34% increase in sessions on the website.

Her customers have also commented on how easy the site is to use.

This gets all the good feels from us as our passion is helping Shopify entrepreneurs succeed online.

If you’re in the market for a new theme for your online store, check out Fresh and all it’s sweet features.