An Invitation to Pick Happiness with Envy

Merchant success with Envy
An Invitation to Pick Happiness with Envy

Creating a brand that not only stands out but also brings genuine happiness and positivity to people's lives is a unique endeavor. Pick Happy, a luxury resort wear brand based in southern Florida, embarked on this extraordinary journey with the goal of spreading joy and well-being through powerful, sustainable fashion. 

We spoke to Pick Happy’s CEO and Creative Director, Yukiko Toyoshima, to find out the story behind her store’s success. Our conversation touched on the motivation to start an e-commerce business, the drive to stand out in a busy market, and how Envy- a premium beauty and fashion-focused Shopify theme - has been instrumental in achieving her vision.

Embracing heritage to spread future joy

Pick Happy's roots lie in a rich heritage of custom dressmaking, where craftsmanship meets the art of design. The concept for their brand was simple yet profound: fashion has the power to uplift spirits, boost confidence, and bring comfort into people's lives. Yukiko believes that everyone deserves the choice of happiness and is committed to delivering on that belief.

The motivation to open an online store was driven by her deep desire to create clothing that not only looked good but also made people feel good. Once the idea was firmly established, Pick Happy began their wholesome journey, dedicated to sustainability and eco-conscious practices. Selecting the right platform to share their products with the world would be among the next decisions to make.

Choosing Envy: A perfect blend of beauty and functionality

When Pick Happy set out to find the ideal Shopify theme, they felt a design that exuded minimalism yet embraced elegance would best encapsulate their vision. Envy, by Eight Themes, stood out due to its seamless blend of visual appeal and comprehensive functionality. It effortlessly combined the clean elegance Pick Happy desired with the ability to showcase their beautiful imagery in a visually striking manner.

"Envy proved to be the perfect choice, captivating customers with beautiful images and a visually appealing design. Its features aligned perfectly with our vision, making the decision to choose it for our store an easy one," recalls Yukiko.

Customization made seamless

The process of tailoring Envy to fit Pick Happy's brand and products was surprisingly smooth. The theme's user-friendly interface facilitated effortless customization.

Yukiko mentions, "Customizing Envy to align with our brand was a breeze. The theme's intuitive design made it easy for our team to make necessary adjustments, bringing our vision to life."

An impactful user experience

Since Envy’s integration two years ago, Pick Happy’s Shopify store has achieved superb results in multiple areas. The theme has significantly improved the website's performance, attracting more potential customers and enhancing conversion rates. 

Visitors to the site found themselves “immersed in an experience akin to wandering through a museum of beautiful dresses”. Yukiko proudly states, "Customers often express how they feel transported to a vacation-like setting while browsing our collections, and Envy has played a pivotal role in creating this immersive experience."

Enhancing the journey with apps

To further enhance their e-commerce capabilities, Pick Happy integrated essential apps with Envy. One standout app was SmartSize, which provides crucial size information to customers. Additionally, Seguno Email Marketing automated their marketing efforts, boosting sales and improving the overall shopping experience. 

Yukiko enthusiastically shares, "These apps have significantly contributed to our success, amplifying our reach and sales while ensuring our customers receive the best service possible."

Envy: The perfect fit for creating positive opportunities

Envy didn’t just improve Pick Happy's website - it became a gateway to numerous business opportunities. The brand was discovered by potential partners through their Instagram presence and website, thanks to Envy's capabilities. "Envy has been instrumental in showcasing our offerings with valuable information and beautifully presented images," Yukiko explains, "It has elevated our brand presence and allowed us to forge meaningful connections."

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, Pick Happy's story stands as a testament to the power of promoting positivity, and implementing a well-designed theme that strongly aligns with the brand aesthetics. With Envy as their foundation, they've not only built a visually stunning website, but also a thriving business that spreads happiness - one dress at a time.

Feeling inspired? Try Envy for free on the Shopify Theme Store.